Personalizing Share Link URLs

Paid customers are able to create personalized URLs for reels (this option is not available to in-trial or free users).

When you create a new Share Link, it gets assigned a unique URL that looks something like "". You may prefer this since it's harder for someone to guess the URL for reels you might have, but in some cases, you might want to make it quick to read or easier to recall. Personalized URLs are great for this reason.

The first time you attempt to add a personalized URL you will be prompted to choose a username for your reels.

Clicking on the "Go to your Preferences" link will open your preferences panel where you can enter your public username. Your username will be in all of your personalized URLs moving forward, so DO NOT pick something specific to a particular reel. This username cannot be changed, so your name or business name is always a good option.

Now that your username is set, navigate back to your reel's Share Link settings and click in the text field for the personalized URL, enter a name, and either hit enter or click the checkmark button. Your personalized URL is ready!

You can also click the pencil icon to change it, but be careful with this! If you've already sent out the link and you change it, this will break the link for the recipient.

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