Adding media to a reel: audio tracks & videos

This article references "Step 2: Media" in the Reel Builder
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Once you've filled out the basic information for your reel (i.e., title, personal information, custom message, agent/manager and bio), click either "Next" at the bottom of the reel, or you can click on step 2 ("Media") in the stepper. 

This is where you will add audio tracks and/or videos to your reel. You can use any combination of audio and video (i.e., all audio, all video, or both audio & video).

Here's what this step looks like before you add any media—the "Audio Tracks" tab is selected by default:

Adding audio

Click the "Add Tracks" button, and a track browser will pop up. This will look very familiar to the track listings on the Tracks page, and it works very similarly. Search for the tracks you'd like to add to your reel, check them off, and click "Choose Tracks" in the upper right corner when you're done. You'll see your reel populate with the chosen tracks. 

Add section headings

With section headings you can divide up your reel's playlist into separate parts, giving each one a name according to genre, project, or whatever you can think of. You can add a section heading by clicking on "Add Section Heading" next to the "Add Tracks" button and entering a name for the section. 

Let's take a closer look at what some of those buttons next to the tracks and section headings do:

Make a snippet

This is one of the coolest features of ReelCrafter. Rather than share a full-length track, you can edit it down to a snippet to highlight a specific section. This operation is non-destructive too, meaning the original track is untouched!

Rename track

If you'd like to change the name of a track for this particular reel, click the gear icon and enter a different name. This name change only applies to this reel and will not affect the track itself, or its name in other reels.

Remove from reel

As expected, this removes the track or section header from this reel.

Reordering tracks and section headings

To change the order of tracks in your reel, click and drag on the grip handle and drag to a new position.

Embedding videos

Pro plan users can embed unlimited videos into reels ( video support is not included on the Basic plan). To get started, click on the videos tab to access the video embed settings. To embed a video add the Vimeo or YouTube URL in the "Video URL" field, give the video a name, and click the "Add Video" button. You can embed any public or unlisted video as long as the settings on YouTube and Vimeo allow embedding (you will need to add "", "" and "" to your Vimeo embed permissions)ReelCrafter does not support direct upload of video files at this time. 

Learn more about YouTube and Vimeo privacy permissions here »

The video name you choose will appear in your dashboard for tracking, and can also be shown on your reel if you desire. Click the "Show title on reel" to add the title above a video on your reel. 

Once you add a video it will show up as a card (shown below) and can be reordered using the same drag and drop function used for audio tracks. Clicking the title will open up the original URL in a new window. If you need to change the title you will need to delete the video and add it again. 

Once you've added all your audio tracks, section headers, and videos click the "Next" button to add graphics and listener settings. 

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