How to see and filter reel activity

Your ReelCrafter dashboard is where you land each time you log in. Your dashboard is personalized and shows both listening metrics and statistics related to your tracks and reels. Each plan shows a different level of information.

Free plan dashboard

Users on the Free plan are limited to 20 tracks and 1 reel. These counts will be shown on the dashboard. Recent Activity is only shown on the Basic or Pro paid plans, so Free users will see "No activity."

Basic plan dashboard

Basic users enjoy unlimited tracks, but are limited to 5 live reels and 10 total reels at a time. Dashboard stats allow for a quick view of both live and total reel counts. Details metrics for plays, opens, seeks, etc. are only shown on the Pro plan.

Pro plan dashboard

Users on the Pro plan will see all events related to their reels on their dashboard—opens, plays, stops, skips, downloads and closes.

Pro users have no limits on tracks, reels or live reels. Statistics related to these numbers are still provided, but are simply an FYI.

Filtering activity by date

You can filter your reel activity based on a date range by clicking the date range button, which will pop up a calendar. To select a date range, click the start date followed by the end date, then click OK. Alternatively, you can click one of the shortcut buttons, "Last 7 Days" or "Last 30 Days."

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