Making sense of listener metrics

If you navigate to your Dashboard, and you're on the Basic plan or higher, you'll see various events depending on your plan. Below are all the possible events.

Explanation of events


Someone visited the URL for your reel, but hasn't done anything yet. If you see just this event and nothing else, you might be puzzled as to why they didn't listen to anything. Often times they're viewing on a mobile phone and just want to revisit later when they have access to a better listening environment.


The listener started playing one of your tracks.


This means the listener seeked through the track or video. They didn't actually skip (stop) listening yet, but they jumped to another point in the track/video.


The listener has paused the track they were listening to.


The listener stopped listening to the current track by skipping to another.

Full Playthrough

The track ended and the listener heard 100%. The extra nice thing about this event is that it's smart: as long as every second was listened to, it counts! For example, if someone plays halfway through your track, then rewinds to the beginning and plays the whole thing, this still counts as a full playthrough.


The track ended but the listener skipped some parts.

Video Play

Your embedded video was played. This automatically pauses any track they were listening to.

Video Pause

The listener has paused the video they were watching.


Someone downloaded your reel.

Available events by plan

Currently, Basic users can only see when their reel is opened. Pro users are able to see all of the events listed above.

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