Image size guidelines

The reel template was designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate multiple image sizes. We realize that you may not have access to the exact same size/type of images for each project. 

Note: Image file uploads are limited to 10mb

Logo Image: 320 x 120px recommended
Since the logo image is not always constrained in size, we recommend starting at 320 x 120px and adjusting the size from there. Depending on your banner image, you may want it to appear larger or smaller. A transparent PNG will work best when using the dark theme.

Banner Image: At least 2400px wide recommended (any height)
The most flexible image on the reel is the banner—it will resize itself based on the browser window size. For the best display quality on retina monitors, we recommend an image that's at least 2400px wide, that way it will stretch across the top of the page on most displays. We don't recommend going any smaller than 1100px wide (this will make your banner appear very small when viewed on most desktops). 

For more information on banner sizes, please see our help doc comparing banner widths:  Choosing the best banner width for your reel

Since the banner will resize based on the browser size, we encourage you to try a few different height and width variations to see how they look on your reel. We've seen some reels with really cool oversized images, so we created our own example to inspire you! Just keep in mind a taller image will push down the content of your reel if the recipient has a very wide browser window. 

You can view a live version of this reel here:

Reel Image (Poster): At least 1160px wide recommended (any height)
For the side Reel Image, you can use either horizontal and vertical images. Keep in mind it will always be constrained to no more than 580px wide. For the best display on retina, please double your image size. 1160 x 652px is a good size to start for a horizontal image and consider using a portrait/vertical image if you have a long list of tracks.

Biography Image: 640px wide recommended (any height)
Your headshot image will behave the same way as the Reel Image. It will be constrained to 320px wide but can be horizontal or vertical. Again, be sure to double your image sizes for most crisp display on retina displays. We recommend 640 x 640px for a starting size for a square bio image.

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