Sharing a reel and using Share Links

The Share Links feature is one of ReelCrafter's superpowers! This feature allows you to create several unique links that all lead to a single reel, so you can share the same reel with multiple recipients and get detailed tracking for each link. So not only will you know when someone listened, but you'll be able to know who listened.

Check out the video walkthrough below, or keep scrolling to read about Share Links.

Creating a share link

First, navigate to the Reels page and find the reel you want to share. Make sure it's expanded by clicking on the title of the reel, then click the "Add Share Link" button.

A text field will appear where you'll enter a name for this link. We recommend naming the link according to the recipient because when this reel is opened and ReelCrafter logs tracking data, you'll be able to easily tell who accessed your reel. Don't worry, no one will see this share link name except you!

Once you've named your link and clicked "Create Link," click the link and it'll expand, showing two options: "Live" and "Inactive". Click "Live," and now your link is ready to send! (You can click "Inactive" at any time to deactivate your linkā€”it will make your reel inaccessible to whomever you sent this link to.) You can click the clipboard icon to conveniently copy the link to your clipboard.

Paid plans also feature Personalized URLs for Share Links. See the related articles below to learn more about creating personalized URLs. 

Managing share links

Once you've got a link (or several!), you can easily see at a glance which ones are live (green eye icon) and which are disabled/inactive (grey eye icon). To rename a link or delete it, simply click on the link name (or the arrow icon) to expand it, and you'll be able to rename or delete the link.

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