Setting default options and changing personal information for reels

Did you know you can save a bunch of time and avoid entering the same contact information every time you create a reel? You can even specify a default set of options (dark theme, downloadable reel, etc.) that will be enabled for any new reels you build.

Navigate to Account Preferences, then scroll down to the section entitled "Default Reel Settings".

You'll find many of the same fields and options you'll see when creating or editing a reel, except when you specify these options here, they'll be used for any new reels you create going forward. You can also override many of these options on a per reel basis if need be.

You can set defaults for:

  • Job title
  • Biography
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Agent and manager contact 
  • Reel design options
  • Reel listener options
  • Light and dark theme logos*
  • Headshot photo*

*Image not editable in Reel Builder

Updating existing reels

This page also lets you make some changes to all of your existing reels. When editing certain contact info such as your phone number, agent's contact info, or manager's contact info, you can checkmark the option labeled "Update changed fields on all reels". Note that this will make changes on every single reel in your account, so use this with caution!

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