Tagging tracks to organize by keyword

While folders are great for grouping tracks into a collection, tags supplement that by letting you add several tags to a single track. A common use for tagging is to label a track with moods, instruments, tempo—anything you can think of!

Tagging tracks

To add tags to individual tracks:

  • Click the gear to the right of the track to reveal the editing pane
  • When you click in the tag area, you will be given the choice to enter a new tag, choose from your most popular tags or to see all existing tags

To add tags to multiple tracks:

  • Click the checkbox next to each track you want to tag
  • Click the Bulk Actions menu (three dots) at the top right of the tracklist and select Add Tags
  • You will be given the choice to enter new tags or choose from all existing tags
  • After adding any new tags to your tag library, be sure to select each tag you want to use (it will turn blue when selected) and click Choose Tags to apply them to all of your check marked tracks

TIP: You can also checkmark all tracks that are visible/loaded on the Track Manager page under the Bulk Actions menu. This is helpful when you need to tag a large number of tracks. Select every track and then uncheck any you don’t need to tag.

TIP #2: Tags can have spaces in them.

Removing tags

Delete tags by clicking on the X that appears next to the tag in the tagging area.

Filtering tracks by tag

Once you've sufficiently tagged your tracks, you can filter any track listing by typing in the search box.

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