Using folders to organize your work

ReelCrafter utilizes both tags and folders (Basic and Pro plans only) for track organization. While tags are better suited for applying several keywords to a single track for better search coverage, folders are a great way to de-clutter the Track Manager and file things away into easily-accessible groups. Many customers choose to create folders based on projects or albums they've worked on.

Creating folders

To create a new folder, click the "New Folder" button and enter a name. Folders will appear to the left of your tracks. There are also two special folders you should take note of:

  • Unfiled: This folder contains all tracks that currently do not belong to a folder. Newly-uploaded tracks will appear here, ready for you to organize.
  • All Tracks: This special folder shows you all tracks in your collection, across all folders. You cannot move tracks into this folder.

Moving tracks into folders

To drag a single track into a folder, simply click/tap and hold on the drag bar (the three lines) and drag to the desired folder, then let go.

To move multiple tracks into a folder, you can either checkmark the tracks you wish to move, then either drag them as a group (as shown above), or click the Track Manager menu then choose "Move to Folder..." and choose the folder you wish to move the tracks into.

To rename or delete a folder, click the menu icon for the folder in question. Deleting a folder will not delete the tracks inside it; instead, tracks will be moved to the "Unfiled" folder.

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