What is ReelCrafter v2?

If you’re not familiar, ReelCrafter v2 is an entirely new platform built from the ground up. We referenced five years of user feedback to create a powerful new demo reel app with updated features that solve many pain points. Best of all, it’s built on a framework that will allow us to implement new features faster than ever and will automatically scale to support an infinite number of users.

The new platform launched on January 1, 2022, and the original version of ReelCrafter will shut down in late April of 2022. ReelCrafter v2 supports many new features, including direct video upload*, bulk metadata editing*, custom colors, more media organization options, and full .WAV support (*some features are available on select plans only). 

Please check your ReelCrafter v1 account for the invitation to migrate to the new platform. We will also send email notifications to anyone who has not unsubscribed from our email list with reminders to migrate your account.

Watch a walkthrough of building a reel in ReelCrafter v2 »

Do I have to migrate to ReelCrafter v2?


All users must migrate to ReelCrafter v2 because the current version of ReelCrafter will be shut down in late April of 2022 (the shutdown date cannot be extended). 

Will my price or plan change when I migrate?


Migrated accounts are locked into their current pricing as a ”legacy” plan, and there is no requirement to upgrade to any new plans offered on the v2 platform. Legacy plans on ReelCrafter v2 include several new features over the v1 platform.

Why do I need to actively participate in the migration process?

We realize that most software updates happen automatically in the background. But the ReelCrafter migration process interrupts your ability to upload tracks and build reels until you’ve confirmed the migration is successful. We have no way of knowing when you will be actively building reels or expecting lots of activity on your share links, so we’re asking all users to start the migration process at their earliest convenience.

We have already successfully migrated over 80% of all active accounts. While we don’t anticipate any issues, we prefer that you initiate the process on your own schedule to avoid any unforeseen hiccups.

What happens if I don’t migrate my account?

If you haven’t manually migrated your ReelCrafter account by April 15, 2022, we will automatically migrate your account and finalize your migration. This means you will not have the chance to review your new ReelCrafter v2 account before all of your v1 links are forwarded and your v1 account is closed. You will be unable to access your account until you activate your new v2 account with a temporary password generated during migration.

Additionally, if there are any unforeseen issues with your migrated account, you may experience downtime for uploading new tracks and editing reels. There’s also a possibility that the migration of your account may start when you are active in the app or need to log in and build reels right away, which may result in some data not being synced properly (there’s no way for us to know when you are active in the app).

We highly recommend setting aside time to migrate and review your account no later than the first week of April 2022.

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