The Reel Builder is where all the magic happens! Let's walk through creating a reel from scratch, and we'll cover the most often used features and options.

Starting out

Click the "Builder" link in the top navigation, and (assuming you have no reels) you should see something like this:

Click the "Create New Reel" button and you'll see an empty reel appear. Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but I'll go through them so they're all clear.

Show title on reel

You can choose to have the reel title be an internal-only name for your own use, or have it public-facing to your client(s). If you check this box, the name of the reel will appear in the browser title bar (or tab) and on the reel page itself.

Personal information (name, job title, etc.)

Your name, job title, email address, phone number, and website URL are all shown on your reel, if filled out. You can feel free to leave all of these blank if you wish, except for your name. Keep in mind you can avoid filling these out every time you make a reel by entering your personal information in the account section.

Custom message

You can optionally include a note to whomever you're sending your reel to.

Agent information

If you include your agent's information, it will be shown on your reel. Some people opt to leave off their personal contact information and use their agent's instead.

Override default biography

Maybe you want to show a different biography to this person for whatever reason. If so, check this box and you'll be able to write a bio that differs from your main one in your profile.

Adding tracks to your reel

Once you've filled out the basic information, click either "Next" at the bottom of the reel, or you can click on step 2 ("Tracks") in the stepper. Click the "Add Tracks" button, and a track browser will pop up.

This will look very familiar to the track listing on the Tracks page, and it works very similarly. Search for the tracks you'd like to add to your reel, check them off, and click "Choose Tracks" in the upper right corner when you're done. You'll see your reel populate with the chosen tracks.

Let's take a closer look at what some of those buttons do.

Make a snippet

This is one of the coolest features of ReelCrafter. Rather than share a full-length track, you can edit it down to a snippet to highlight a specific section. This operation is non-destructive too, meaning the original track is untouched!

Rename track

If you'd like to change the name of a track for this particular reel, click the gear icon and enter a different name. This name change only applies to this reel and will not affect the track itself, or its name in other reels.

Remove from reel

As expected, this removes the track from this reel.

Making snippets

If you want to make a full-length track into a snippet, click the scissors icon.

A waveform view will be shown, where you can select a region to save as your snippet. For the most part, it works like a typical waveform editor: click and drag to draw a region, and drag the edges of your selection to adjust it. You can click "Play Selection" (or press shift+space) to play your region. Note that although you won't hear any fading, your snippet will have a 2-second fade in and fade out. If your snippet starts at the beginning of the track, only a fade-out will be applied.

Reverting to full-length track

If you have a snippet you'd like to revert to its full-length original form, simply click "Clear Selection" and then "Save Snippet Region."

Reordering tracks

To change the order of tracks in your reel, click and drag on the grip handle and drag to a new position.

Reel options

Once you've settled upon what tracks will be in your reel, you can proceed to the next step where you'll be presented with several options for customizing and securing your reel.

Show Logo

This will show your logo at the top of the reel.

Show Bio

Show your biography in the footer of the reel.

Dark Theme

Toggle between the default light theme or dark theme.


This will allow your listener to download your reel in the form of a ZIP file containing your tracks (in the order they appear in your reel). 

Password Protection

All reels are private by default, but if someone gets a hold of the link, they can share it with anyone. You can add an extra layer of security to your reels by entering a password that must be given to the person you're sending it to.

Reel Banner

Place an impressive banner across the top of your reel, right underneath your logo.

Reel Image/Video

You can put either a still image or a video to the right of your track listing in your reel. Using video is a great way to supplement your tracks with footage you've set your music or sounds to.

Finalizing your reel

Once you've configured and customized your reel, you'll proceed to the final step which will let you review your reel before finalizing it (but you can always go back and edit it later!).

Click "Finalize" when you're ready, and your reel will chop up any snippets you've made, and you'll eventually find yourself on the Reels page.

To see what your reel looks like before you share it, click the "Preview" button. Your activity on your own reel won't be logged, so don't worry about it messing up your metrics.

What's next?

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