We realize that not everyone who uses ReelCrafter needs all the bells and whistles, but we still packed our Basic plan with lots of great features. Both plans allow you to create and share beautiful, flexible reels.

The primary difference is that Basic limits your total Reels to 10 and Live Reels to 5 (Pro is unlimited). This is perfect for someone who doesn’t do a ton of pitching and only needs a handful of Reels active at any time. Just turn them on and off as needed.

The Pro plan also has a few extra features on the Reels themselves:

  • Password protection – add a password to any reel
  • Allow downloads – give the listener the option to download your reel
  • Include Reel Image – add an image next to your playlist
  • Include Video instead of Reel Image – embed an existing video of your choice
  • Advanced Listener Metrics – see all activity related to your reels, not just opens
  • No ReelCrafter branding – although the URL will still include “app.reelcrafter”  or "rcrft.co" there will be no ReelCrafter R logo on the bottom of your reel page
  • Unlimited web-embeddable reels (Basic is limited to just one).

Both plans allow unlimited track uploads, personalized web-based reels and statistics that will let you know when your reels are opened.

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