ReelCrafter uses Web Audio API for advanced audio control and processing. While Web Audio is fully supported in nearly all browsers except Internet Explorer, we've noticed that there's an infrequently occurring issue in Chrome that causes audio to crackle or click during playback. Note that this issue does not affect your clients when listening to your reels!

You can check whether your installation of Chrome has issues with Web Audio API by visiting one of the links below:

If you hear clicks or crackling, unfortunately it's your browser. If not, please click the support chat icon at the bottom right of this window and get in touch with us!

You can also help this issue get more attention from Google by going to the Help menu in Chrome, and clicking "Report an Issue". Do this while on whichever page above gave you problems. Do not report the issue from within ReelCrafter, since Google engineers won't be able to access your account.

If you're experiencing problems with Chrome, we recommend the latest version of Firefox, or Safari 11 or newer.

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